Vampire Boy premieres at Rhode Island’s 401 Film Fest this Sunday – VENUE CHANGE!

Hey Blood Buddies!
I’m honored to have my first Video Podcast premiere a few days ahead of the Youtube premiere! At a fancy Film Festival! For mostly humans!

This Sunday October 23 at Rhode Island’s 401 Film Fest!

But fellow creatures of the mid-day and night, take note!
The VENUE HAS CHANGED! The Sunday screening will now take place at The Arctic Playhouse. This is ALSO where the Saturday screening was ALREADY taking place. Now we can all hang out together! In the arctic! While playing!

Arctic Playhouse
117 Washington St
West Warwick, RI 02893

Times are still the same, with doors at 12 and screening #5 at 12:30 (that’s the one Vampire Boy is featured in, but you should go to lots!)

Hope to see you all there: covered in BLOOD! (or else just wearing something nice. Or whatever you’re comfortable in, really, it’s a casual affair…)

See you soooooooooooooon…

Very Sincerely,
Vampire Boy

Vampire Boy premieres on Youtube October 28

Alright everyone, it’s time to get really extra real and make the announcement of announcements:


Just in time for Candy Day! Get cavities! Watch our show!

So mark your calendars with a big bloody X and tell your friends to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!



World Premiere at 401 Film Fest, Rhode Island, October 23!

Wow, I’m really excited to announce that my first “V-cast” will be premiering at Rhode Island’s 401 Film Fest! They must have great taste! IN BLOOD!

The Festival is October 21-23, 2016, and our short premieres as the first filmic journey in Showcase #5 on Sunday, October 23 at noon. I guess I’ll have to use the underground tunnels to get in!
At  Dean’s List Academy
25 Esten Ave., Pawtucket, RI


Welcome To The Vampire Boy Website

Hi and welcome to the Vampire Boy website,! I can’t believe we got that URL! This web site is a dedicated space in support of my Video Podcast, which is itself dedicated to dispelling popular myths about vampires and vampiric lore and hosted by me, Vampire Boy! It’s premiering very soon, Subscribe on Youtube Today!